I am a duck and I waddle back and forth
to the pond on the green and the farm in the north.
I’ve a beautiful beak, and strong webbed feet
As a fowl I’m considered to be one of the elite.

The geese are so fat, and they very rudely squawk.
Seems they don’t say much, just very noisy talk.
The turkey is conceited, and bad tempered all the time
He thinks he is the boss, head of organised crime!

The chickens are very dull, and they peck and they cluck
None of them as handsome or as bright as a duck.
The cockerel puffs up his breast to give his dawn alarm
Waking all the village folk as well as on the farm!

I’m glad that I’m a duck; seems to me that I’m in luck.
I waddle and I swim, and I can quack instead of cluck!
It is not for vanity, that my running skills I boast
I’ll make absolutely certain I won’t be the Sunday Roast.





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