The Witch, the Cat and the Flea.


There was an old lady, who lived by the sea,
in a cave with a cat and an irritable flea.
At night in the moonlight, the old lady would fly
on her broomstick, far up in the twinkling sky.

With her cat at her side, and the flea somewhere near,
The three of them flew, with no worries or fear.
Up to the moon, swooping round and around;
then diving back down to the dark sandy ground.

The old lady did cackle and the cat yowled with glee,
as they glided abreast of the waves on the sea.
And sailors and fishermen crossed themselves fast
as the shadow of the witch on their ship’s side was cast.

Watching the antics of witch, cat and flea,
The moon sighed heavily and waited to see
what the witch would do next with the excitable broom
which was whizzing around going ‘zoom, zoom zoom’!

After a while, the old lady grew tired,
and decided that dinner was what they required.
So they swooped down to the waves and the white spotted surf,
and landed the broomstick back safely on earth.

The old lady, the cat and the irritable flea,
Couldn’t decide what they wanted for tea. 
So the witch used her cauldron with the help of a spell.
The meal in the pot had a wonderful smell.

I’ve no idea what they ate after flying so far,
But the moon looked across and spoke to a star.
‘That’s it for tonight; we’ll get peace once again,
The witch and her friends will retire to their den’.

If you watch very carefully, when the full moon is bright,
You might be rewarded with a very special sight.
For it’s said when she rides with her cat and the flea,
Only believers are privileged to see.

©Copyright DF 2007



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