Aardvarks and Bananas

My friend has an aardvark called Long Nose Jim.
The decision to keep him was purely a whim.
My friend knew nothing of  the life of an aardvark,
He simply thought having one would be a good lark!

He put Jim in the garden, and left him to graze,
But he never saw Jim eat for several long days.
So he offered him carrots, biscuits and bread,
But Jim just ignored them, and went to his bed.

‘What is wrong with my aardvark?’, my friend was perplexed.
‘He won’t eat his food, and I’m feeling quite vexed’.
My friend scratched his head, then grinned ear to ear.
Jim’s diet needed changing, that much was clear!

‘Perhaps he’d like vegetables or lots of ripe fruit.
I’m sure the town market will have plenty to suit’.
My friend returned shortly, with basket in hand
filled with fruit of all kinds, the best in the land.

Jim looked at the fruit and wrinkled his nose.
My friend looked at me,’ he’ll surely eat those’?
He unpeeled some bananas and gave them to Jim
Who snorted, perhaps thinking his owner was dim!

Jim started scratching the earth roundabout.
My friend , with dismay, jumped up with a shout
Jim don’t do that, you’ll dig holes in the earth
But Jim was digging for all he was worth!

‘Here…have some bananas. You know they are good
Try eating these, they’re delicious…you should!’
But Long nose Jim was too busy to care,
He dug and he dug, and then sniffed the air.

Next week I returned and found Jim looking thin.
He stared at me forlornly, no aardvark grin.
I went home with heavy heart, and began to surf
The web; of aardvark information, there was a dearth.

Then suddenly I felt my spirits soar
Pictures of aardvarks, habitat and more,
Were filling my screen, with  information packed;
Termites, yes, termites, were what Jim lacked!

I raced to my friend and showed him the site.
My goodness he said. I believe you are right.
But termites are scarce in rainy Blackpool.
Oh I have been selfish and such a fool.

I should have researched before I bought Jim.
Made sure that everything was ready for him.
Really he belongs on an African plain,
The suburbs of Blackpool is not his terrain.

So what shall we do, he’s so hungry, poor Jim.
My friends eyes with tears were stating to brim.
Lets ask the zoo. They’ll have termites I’m sure.
Poor Jim won’t starve and be thin any more.

So Jim went to the zoo, where he lives to this day
In aardvark splendour, with a cabin and hay,
And hills filled with termites, specially for him.
Just what he deserves, our Long Nose Jim.

He didn’t want bananas. They would make him ill.
He didn’t want bread, or a stir fry or grill.
Jim is an aardvark, who eats termites for tea,
And he forages at night when no one can see.

His nose is very  long, so  he can reach into hills,
to extract all the termites, which he then kills.
He doesn’t eat yogurts, or toast and marmite.
All he wants is a hill, and a taste  of  termite.

So the lesson to remember, is easily learned.
Information is important and should not be spurned
In order to suit people, fulfil their little whims,
Information is there to help all Long Nose Jims!

©DF 2007






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