The Bee and the Fairy


Fairy with Bumble Bee and flowers – Florence Edith Storer.

For Georgia, with love.

Come help me find nectar said the busy buzzy bee
I am going to collect pollen to make some honey
Lets go to the meadow and look for some clover
Hop on my back and I’ll carry you over.

The fairy climbed onto the buzzy bee’s back
which was soft and striped in yellow and black.
When they reached the meadow, the fairy climbed down.
And clung on to a plantain which looked rusty and brown.

He watched the small bee as he busily collected
the pollen from clovers he’d carefully selected.
Then, catching the scent of a clover nearby
the fairy climbed up one and met with a fly.

The fly was too busy to stay for a chat
So the fairy sat down on his perfumed mat.
He watched his friend hurridly filling his sack
with pollen, and then it was time to go back.

The bee and the fairy flew back to the hive.
The queen bee was there and she saw them arrive.
‘I hope you’ve been good, and kept out of trouble.
Thats good! Now it’s time for your teas…on the double’!

And guess what the fairy had for his tea?
Home made honey of course, made by the bee.
It tasted so sweet, and it smelled of the clover,
He ate so much that he thought he’d fall over.

All through the summer the fairy and bee,
took pollen from meadow flowers, and some by the sea.
When summer was over, they said their good byes
and the bee gave the fairy some honey supplies.

The fairy took the honey straight to the dell,
to give to the fairies so that they would keep well.
For winter is cold, if you live in the wood,
So lots of sweet honey is yummy and good!



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