A Feline Romance


Jiffers was waiting, one day, by the gate,
hoping to persuade Sukey Su on a date.
He was hunky and smart in his black and white suit,
And he hoped she would find him adorably cute!

He waited and waited, but gave up in vain.
(Besides he suspected it was going to rain).
So he returned to the house and asked to be fed,
and then curled up tight in his comfortable bed.

Next morning was sunny and he climbed up on the wall.
There wasn’t much booked in his diary at all.
So he thought he might doze for a while in the sun,
then maybe go hunting and look for some fun.

Just as he nestled down, closing his eyes,
He heard a loud shriek and jumped up in surprise!
And then more squeals, a squawk and a whine,
scarily raising the fur on his spine.

He thought that the screeches denoted a fight,
and that his duty was definitely to keep out of sight.
But then in the garden at the back of the wall
He saw something that almost caused him to fall.

For there, right in front of him, Big Ginger Tom
shot out of the bushes as if hit by a bomb.
Jiffers shrank back, and fled the long wall,
as he had no intention of joining the brawl.

The fight then resumed, with an ear-splitting sound,
Jiffers was sure he could hear his heart pound.
He was not a brave cat, preferred his life quiet,
The last thing he needed was noise and a riot!

As he listened (in safety, behind the old shed),
He wondered if really he should have instead
stayed to see who it was that was unlucky enough
to meet up with that gross fur ball of fluff.

It was probably Albert, the young tom from next door.
Now he was bigger, he loved to explore.
He had probably found Ginger when doing his rounds
of the garden he shared with his family, the Pounds.

Jiffers relaxed for a moment and thought,
‘Albert is strong, with young muscles so tort
that any assailant would have a tough time,
fighting a cat who is at the height of his prime’.

But supposing it isn’t the cat from next door.
Hadn’t he better go back, check the score?
Furtively he clambered out of his hole
He could always pretend he was out for a stroll.

Carefully mounting the far end of the wall,
He peered into the garden, taking care not to fall.
Big GingerTom stood with fluffed tail, arched back,
Ready to fight should there be an attack.

He was watching a colourful bush of Spirea,
But what was in there, was not very clear.
Jiffers could see cream blotches, and brown,
But bright sun in his eyes, made him blink and then frown.

Suddenly a loud screech, piercing and long
rendered the air, signifying something was wrong.
Jiffers knew it was neither Albert nor Ginger,
So who was the cat the tom wanted to injure?

Suddenly a movement of light coloured fur,
clawing and growling, so fast, just a blur,
hurtled passed Jiffers and he recognised who…
‘My Goodness’ he gasped. It was … Sukey Su!

With a gargantuan leap and a snarl and a growl,
Jiffers jumped in. Sukey Su gave a howl.
‘It’s ok, said Jiffers, I’ll sort this one out,
And turning round sharply, he gave Ginger a clout.

Big GingerTom looked around in surprise,
As a black and white canonball dropped from the skies.
‘Jiffers’! he thought. What’s he doing here?
Jiffers was one cat he’d learned to revere.

Jiffers was friendly, tolerant and kind
but his soft disposition was often maligned,
The neighbourhood felines, thought he was a coward,
until they’d been chastised and then overpowered.

You see Jiffers was basically a laid back cat,
He didn’t like arguments, fuss and back chat,
But occasion demanding, he could fight with the best,
Biting and scratching like a demon possessed.

So when Big Ginger Tom had a minute to breathe,
he decided that now was the best time to leave.
Turning tail and sprinting, he attempted to run
knowing that Jiffers had a bite that was second to none!

Jiffers followed, but decided to stop
He’d already caught Ginger Tom on the hop.
He’d stay away now, Jiffers reckoned, for sure,
They had quickly and efficiently shown him the door!

Sukey Su sidled up, looking suitably coy,
her considerable skills she was keen to employ,
But her small Siamese frame was no match for the cat
so she accepted an ally in aggressive combat.

Jiffers rubbed noses with Sukey and sighed.
‘What’s wrong?’ Sukey asked, and Jiffers replied,
‘Nothing at all. I am happy, and proud
to be of service to you.’ And he bowed.

When passing the gate on your way to the shop,
Be sure that you take care and remember to stop.
Because Jiffers is always quite close by the gate,
and next to him always, is Sukey, his mate.

If you pause and wait patiently, prepare to be smitten
at the gradual emergence of one little kitten.
He is always the first, but followed by five others
three little sisters and two bigger brothers.

Their parents are proud, but diligently guard,
making sure that the kittens never leave the back yard.
‘Uncle’ Albert visits often, helping lick kittens clean,
And Big Ginger Tom? Well he’s never been seen!



You might be interested to know that Jiffers has his own blog called Cats Blog Too. You can find his blog here, or by clicking on the link in the blogroll.


2 Responses to “A Feline Romance”

  1. January 8, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Just browsing the internet. Very interesting blog.

  2. 2 kimmikat
    January 14, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.

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