I think most cat owners will be able to relate to this 🙂

What is it with you?
Is it some sort of game?
It isn’t just you;
all cats are the same.

You deliberately wait
’til I’ve closed the back door
and then noisily berate
as you pace round the floor.

‘I want to go out again.
Please open the door
so I may ascertain
should I go and explore’.

I know that once out,
you’ll immediately return;
stare at me, pout
while I practice taciturn.

No amount of ignoring,
will silence your pleas.
Your whine is imploring.
I offer reprise.

Now sometimes, it’s true,
you settle down and sleep.
And to give you your due
your slumbers are deep.

On other days though
you have ants in your pants.
You come in and then go
Despite all my rants.

I suppose I’ve to accept
That this is cat life.
Not to be sidestepped
to avoid all the strife.

You are the boss.
You make it very plain.
Your misery, my loss,
My subservience, your gain.



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