Luscious, luxurious, mellifluous. Her smooth liquid flows down in seamless swathes. A fountain of velvet wonder, glossy sheen hiding voluptuous piquancy. Bitter sweet, wicked temptation, innocence disguised in beguiling form. Temptress coaxes, cajoles and inveigles her hapless quarry, trapping them in an ecstasy of rapturous sapidity. Melting magic, teasing and pleasing, then dissipating. She bequeaths a tang, a trace of the forbidden sin, to compel her quarry to retrace their steps to a transient heaven. She induces a blissful opiate, brief respite from reality, and entices further dalliance. She is duplicity camouflaged in an innocent and naïve paradise. She …is chocolate.


Photograph: ‘Chocolate’, courtesy of Lin Pernille

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