Gnome in the Jungle


I’m feeling uncomfortable sticky and hot,
I don’t like here, not one little jot.
I’m scared andand I want to go home.
This isn’t a good place to be a small gnome.

I am sitting wedged in between two small branches,
The fact they have pretty flowers hardly enhances
the aspect, which as I turn and look round,
is too far away from the leaf covered ground.

I am finding it hard to believe I was left
to fend for myself in this dank tiny cleft.
My owner I’m sure will realise quite soon
Oh my goodness this heat is making me swoon.


What’s that noise? Oh my goodness.I look to the right.
He’s calling and stamping. Do elephants bite?
He gave me a fright, but I think he has gone,
Excuse me, while I stifle yawn after yawn.

Surely my owner will return to collect me.
I don’t want to spend the night cowering in a tree.
I don’t understand why he left me behind
It wasn’t deliberate, he’s always so kind.

I am supposed to be one of those lucky charm gnomes
He always takes me wherever he roams.
He had stopped to take water from out of his pack
and then decided he wanted a snack.

He struggled to get the food out of his bag
and I think his patience was beginning to flag.
He took me out and placed me up here,
while he tried to organise all of his gear.

And then he left me! Just look, not sure where I am.
Abandonned and helpless, in a bit of a jam.
What’s that screeching and howling, over there in that tree?
It looks like it’s some sort of chimp, or monkey.


If monkeys find me I’ll be lost for all time.
They’ll take me away…oh I wish I could climb.
I might find a place to hide, in a crevice or hole
at least while the monkeys are out on patrol.

I’m shaking so violently, I think I will fall.
And now I can hear a strange animal call.
Will there be lions and tigers and snakes
and Ohhhh! Now my whole body aches!

Luckily the ground is quite bouncy and soft
from leaves and debris falling aloft.
I am unable to see much down in these leaves,
Come back Michael, I’m begging you, Please!

Something is wriggling against my left foot,
I’m unable move, so I’ll just have to stay put.
I daren’t look. I’m too frightened of what I might see
Whatever it is, it might want me for tea.

Inwardly sobbing, I have to accept
that I might have to stay here, although I’m inept.
I might have to sleep here, though I don’t know how.
I was probably better off up on the bough.

No! A small spider is exploring my face.
Go away Mr spider because this is my space.
Now what’s that noise, sounds a bit like a growl
I hope it isn’t a lion on the prowl.


Now there’s a mouse thingy shuffling about,
Please, please go away, I can well do without.
your company. Now somethings slithering right
over the top of me. I hope it won’t bite!

It’s beginning to get dark and it seems very still,
How cold does it get here at night in Brazil?
I’m sleepy but I know I must try very hard
to stay awake and not risk dropping my guard.

Gnomes live in gnomeland, and sometimes with friends
Lets face it, it’s all luck, your location depends
on who you are attached to, where they want to be.
A gnome has no choice, he just has to agree.

I’m too tired to think about this, as I’m falling asleep
I can’t keep awake, so I’ll have to count sheep.
One, two three , what was that! Four , five and …six
Poor little me, I’m in a bit of a fix

Oh! What’s happening. I’m up in the air!
Help, is there someone, anybody there?
Some animals going to eat me for sure,
How much more of this do I have to endure?

Now its dark, and I feel things wrapped snug and close,
and there a smell which is awful, perfectly gross!
Now, hang on, I’m moving, being carried along
And I can hear Michael, he’s singing a song!

I’m in his backpack, and I recognise that pong
It’s his stale cheese sandwich, the smell is so strong. .
But I don’t care one iota, as I’m on my way home.
Michael came back for me. I’m one happy gnome.

Perhaps there are gnomes who live in Brazil,
Who find that the jungle is one great big thrill,
They can keep it. I promise I won’t find life dull,
once we return to our home in the small town of Hull.



With thanks to the following people for the use of their photographs.

Gnome:Matt Foster

Elephant: Kate Bolin

Monkey: Kai Hendry

Lion: Hairo Seto

Hull: smudger888


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