Islands of Hate

Silently you mock me.
Your eyes always stare.
Cold chunks of rock;
Impenetrable, inscrutable
islands of hate.
Hostility and contempt that won’t dissipate-
All of it unfair.

Frequently you torment me-
that malevolent glare.
Indolent, challenging,
contemptuous, defiant.
Are you aware?
Antagonism proffered, born of despair.
All of it unfair.

Often you terrify me.
Memories, or nightmare.
Your fury; your power;
intent on destruction.
Determined to scare.
Spiteful, resentful, selfish. No care.
All of it unfair.

As a child I endured;
unable to bear
the guilt of such bitterness,
the resentment and rancor.
Malice spoilt the air;
a canker imprisoned you
and I didn’t dare
say ‘It isn’t fair!’

Even now, you’ve no idea.
No understanding, no care.
Stubborn denial
to admit failure or negligence;
to accept a large portion or share
of the blame. What a shame!
It still isn’t fair.

Things won’t change now.
Though I’ve tried to repair.
Silly me, building bridges
across a rough sea!
Neither mother or grandmother, such éclat!
You lost out twice, though I doubt you’re aware.
It just isn’t fair.

I carry the legacy
you decided to share.
Constantly looking for someone to care.
To love me, accept me, whoever I am.
Inside my head, I play solitaire.
Seek me, if you dare. I really don’t care.
Yes, life is unfair.



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