Little Lost Bear


Dedicated to Martha.

Once upon a time in a land far away,
a little bear was born on a bright, sunny day.
His fur was brown, and full of pretty curls-
Just the sort of bear for small boys and girls.

His mother begged him to be good,
To behave as all well bred bears should.
She warned him, should he go astray,
He might be taken and sent away.

Little Bear was always good.
Trying to do the best he could,
But one day, waking from a nap,
instead of mum, there was a gap.

The shelf was empty where she’d been,
And she was nowhere to be seen.
The little bear began to cry,
His mummy hadn’t said goodbye!

Another bear said, ‘Chin up son,
your life has only just begun.
Who knows where you will travel to,
someone out there is just for you!’

So little bear began to wait.
Where would he go? What was his fate?
He was a Little Lost Bear, full of despair.
This waiting around just wasn’t fair.

Then early one day, he felt a tug,
and a blanket around him, warm and snug.
Then he was popped inside a box
next to a doll with golden locks.

The doll stared at him, and he stared back.
Then very suddenly it all went black!
The doll began to shake and sigh
Then Little Bear could hear her cry.

The box was moved, and then put down
Little Bear’s face now wore a frown;
for he was frightened, and wanted his mum,
But he knew she wasn’t going to come.

The doll said nothing, just lay still.
Little bear quietly cried until
he fell asleep, as the lorry drove
across the land with its treasure trove.

For the lorry was full of childrens’ toys;
dolls for girls and rockets for boys;
scooters and bikes, and books , and bears
all hoping to find a child who cares.

Little bear woke when he felt the box jolt.
The lorry had come to a silent halt.
There were shouts and someone opened the doors,
Little bear hid his face in his furry paws.

He was shaking with worry, and unprepared
for what might happen, and oh so scared.
The box was moved, then laid to rest,
He must be brave. He tried his best.

Suddenly the box was opened and filled
with light, and Little Bear was thrilled
to see a shop, full of dolls and lots of bears bears
sitting on boxes, counters and chairs.

So many bears, all sizes and shapes,
some half hidden behind window drapes.
And dolls with faces, happy and bright.
It was a very welcoming sight.

Little bear began to smile,
The doll smiled too, and in a while
they were moved to sit by a small window,
looking smart and happy, on full show.

Little bear stayed there on display
for only one week, and then one day
a lady stopped , gave a long hard stare
went into the shop, and bought Little Bear.

My, he was excited, as he wondered where
the lady would take him. He could hardly bear,
to wait, as she cuddled him, holding him tight,
He knew everything was going to be right.

But poor little Lost Bear was very wrong
Because the lady had intended all along,
to send Little Lost Bear to her new baby niece,
thereby guaranteeing Little Bear’s peace.

So once again he was on his travels.
You’ll have guessed, I’m sure, as this story unravels
That this would be his future abode;
Little Bear’s home; the end of the road.

For the lady knew that Martha Mo,
would look after Little Bear, and both would grow
to be the best of childhood friends.
And that is how this story ends.



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