Observations on a Snowy Night

There is a stillness in the air.
An eerie silence envelopes all
that move or breath out there.

Underneath the lantern glare,
a ring of light reflects the snow
which covers cobbles bare.

Beyond the brightness, free of care,
a cat tiptoes with dainty paws,
and briefly stops to stare.

Within the shadows, mouse beware!
The cat can hear you, and intends
his supper to ensnare.

But cat walks on across the square;
his paw prints mark the route he takes
to try his luck elsewhere.

Meanwhile a change, we become aware
of gently swirling wisps of snow
now falling everywhere.

Look up and see the lantern’s flare.
It’s beams of light accentuate
the flakes which float mid air.

A draught, the air does rip and tear.
This makes the snowflakes whirl around
falling anywhere.

The sky is configured a pattern fair
of polka dot whirls, pirouettes of snow,
such beauty beyond compare.

One cannot help but stand and stare,
This magic spectacle is nature’s gift,
a delight and wonder rare.

The cat returns , nose testing the air.
Her solitary prowl is at an end.
For sleep she will prepare.

All is peaceful in the square.
Silence and stillness have returned;
the snowy mantel, everywhere.


Photograph: Snow Glow; courtesy of Jon Rawlinson




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