The sunlight hints of rainbow hues,
that contrast with the mottled blues
and greys of feathers, soft; so fine
that colours iridescent shine.

Puffed up his breast is held with pride.
His modest head turns, scanning wide
the ground beneath for morsels small
some thoughtless human once let fall.

An orange beak, a pure white cere
and small ringed eyes; a look severe.
This bird lacks grace. He is not cute,
but scarcely deserves his ill repute.

The Pigeon alas, is much maligned
for the modern world is solely designed
for humans, not for birds or beasts
who invade our towns in search of feasts.

Pigeons’ habits are considered foul,
often inducing town leaders to scowl.
but let’s try and appreciate, give more than a glance
to their beauty, and amend our very harsh stance.

Perhaps look beyond and promote integration;
remember that pigeons are part of creation.
Find ways to control, using kindness, respect.
Appreciate their positives before we reject.



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