Nice bright red against this yellow stuff. What’s it called now? Corn. Ah yes…prickly stuff and mighty uncomfortable on the feet when it’s just been cut. Might make a nice bed when it’s aged a bit.


But I think I’ll go back to the shed. Safe and dry in there. Not that I ever need to worry about the rain. I’m well equipped to cope with the vagaries of the weather.


Except the cold. I don’t like the cold.


‘Hello mouse. Got time to chat? No?’


Oh well. Nevermind. Everybody seems to be in such a hurry these days. I prefer to go at a nice leisurely pace. That way I can see things. Notice what changed since yesterday. Think about what might change tomorrow.


(sighs) There’s worse things in life than being a tortoise!


Photographs courtesy of :

Tortoise : Jason Mouratides

Wild Flowers in a Norfolk Meadow: webheathcloseup



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