The Bird Feeder

A glimpse of yellow, a mossy green swatch,
The frenzied activity, I am honored to watch,
As birds from the treetops, the bushes and hedge,
swoop down to the feeder and cling the ledge.

The speed of their flight is amazingly fast.
Their natural agility just leaves me aghast.
How can they swoop down with such accurate care
and present acrobatic displays in the air?

They flutter and hover awaiting their turn.
So many calories they have to burn,
that the food in the feeder, too precious to leave
may be a large portion of the food they receive.

A myriad kaleidoscope of colour today
as new birds arrive, others then fly away.
There are blue-tits, a robin and finches in dozens.
Maybe they’re all family, or related as cousins.

The bull-finch is greedy, prolonging his stay
which induces a sparrow to cause an affray
A few other house sparrows alarmed by the clash
protest very loudly, but are gone in a flash.

Now this is a sight, unbelievable still!
There’s a blackbird hovering with minimal skill
But he manages to extract the food that he wants
and retreats very quickly to one of his haunts.

Two Collared Doves strut around in a search
for discarded seeds which fell from the perch.
And the blackbird returns, this time with his mate.
Her muted brown colour you cannot mistake.

Somewhere from the heights of the nearby trees,
I can hear a Magpie’s grasping pleas
to his mate , who is carefully hidden from view.
His call always chills me through and through.

The performance I’m watching will come to an end
as the light fades away and the birds apprehend
that for safety at night they must return to their nests.
For now they need solitude and quiet for their rests.

Hopefully tomorrow will see their return.
Their need to feed well will strongly govern
their habits, where and when they will feed.
So I will supply them with nuts, fruit and seed.

This great entertainment is still free for the asking,
If we continue to feed them, the result is long lasting.
Our beautiful species must not disappear.
We must keep feeding them, year after year.



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