The Challenge

A Challenge

Thirty-five years to mourn, or regret.
Push aside memories, bury and forget.
Thirty-five years of a long dying ember.
Should I perhaps, try harder to remember?

Is it better to let go? Free up and release
all the pent-up anger; restore some lost peace?
Would it help to look back, analyse and dissect
every immature deed; it’s reason inspect?

Would it bring comfort to me, or to some of the others,
to examine the past, the emotions it smothers?
Would it help to discuss, channel energies afresh
into breaking past patterns , open up the dark mesh?

I am wary, I know, but I may just be yellow.
Life currently is wondrously calm, sweet and mellow.
Should I risk all to savour a glimpse of the past;
raise up the demons and a black shadow cast?

Or shall I ignore the stealth challenge to submit?
and rally forward, proving refusal to quit?
Shall I fight, give it all that I have left in my soul
Reach out and take back; once more gain control?

How can I judge what is prudent and right?
Reopening old lesions might impel further flight.
Perhaps it’s a question of right time and place;
instinctively knowing when it’s right to embrace.

I do know, however, that I cannot ignore
the emotions and feelings, which surface so raw.
They must be acknowledged, worked through once again
It’s not so much, ‘should I’? but more about ‘when’.

©Copyright DF 2007


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