Filigree frost like feathered fingers
extends and expands, embellishing with ease
the luminous landscape, as it lazily lingers,
daring dilatory dalliance, dissipating by degrees.


The blustery breeze buffets lone bushes
on the heath, half hidden by Herculean heather.
The pheasants puffed plumage, protection as he pushes
against artic adversity, arduous altogether.


Trellised trees trace templates, turning and twisting
to the wailing and whistling of a wandering wind.
As the limpid light lingers, a lunar luminance is listing
As soft soufflé shrouds, subtly shadow the sinned.


Precipitation pirouettes in polka-dot patterns
from a granite gray, garrulous giant -like gargoyle;
who sits snappishly spitting, soliciting Saturn’s
favour, feeding the famished fields; a felons foil.


In a fir-tree forest, feather-like fronds, fancily frilled
with satiny snow, shimmer in the silvery starlight.
Creatures crunch crisply on the crystalline carpet, chilled
then numbed by the nacreous night.


Wintry waves wash, wantonly whipped.
Icicled incisors involute, insatiably invincible.
Rampaging; ragged rocks razored and ripped;
Eddying, effervescent, eagerness evincible.


Vespertine visitor, vigil viewed from vernal vales;
The hearth in a humble homestead gives heat
to the chilled and chapped, their chores curtails.
Flurried flames flood feeling into fingers and feet.


Solstice shindig; sanguine, spirited seasonal singing.
Winter world; white woven wonderland willed.
Raucous rituals, rejoicing, risible ringing
in of fledgling. Fervent felicitations, fountains filled.


Close by, creation cajoles with cold comfort,
deliverance dangerous, for the dainty or delicate.
Engendered. Enduring emergence, exacting extort
of nature. Nefarious? No, necessary; natural state.



Photograph courtesy of:

Emma & Michael’s Excellent Adventures’ photos

Many thanks guys.


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