At six am this morning, not able to sleep and unable to add to my NaNo  word count, I suddenly felt inspired to write this, which is meant to be a sort of celebration of artistic endeavour, in all it’s forms, on an individual basis, and also collectively. There are so many talented people out there, with so much to say, and give. When I surf Fickr or art and craft sites I am bowled over by the diversity, beauty, and ability of these folk. Likewise, the written word produces originality and ingenuity unceasingly. You’d think subjects would be exhausted by now, let alone story plots! So this is a small tribute to the world’s creative community, with a hint of political exasperation at the end. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Creativity, crafted and stretched to the limit
Expanded, embroidered, tweaked or stitched.
Richness of content, skilfully manipulated
With loving expression in seamless abandon.


Human endeavour showing strength and diversity
Painting the soul and etching the pain.
Drawing on experience to mold silent messages
Sculpting innovation, unmasking the arcane.


Great joy, much suffering portrayed so effectively
With deliberate strokes and quill unrestrained.
A myriad of colours, washes and templates
Artistically quilted into everyday life.


How difficult to express point of view, inner eye;
to convey the uncharted, or patterns intrinsic
To the gossamer existence, the fabric of life;
In a material web of silken deceit.


How skilful to communicate with the world in a flash.
Capture moments in time, leave an image of truth.
Render the imperfections, enhance and transform,
Yet draw the naïve and sublimate fallacies.


A voice, quietly spoken, undemanding but firm,
nurtures freedom, unleashing hidden treasures within.
Innate creativity explores tangible palettes
to extract art from the darkness of a virgin soul.


Ingenuity, originality, tinted with love
Embellishing the prosaic, the rubber-stamped umber.
Enriching and cleansing, uplifting and inspiring.
Artistry, the window to a passionate muse.


Society’s values, Pollacked and poetical;
Concealed, yet apparent in a magical jigsaw
of colours, textures, materials and shapes;
stippled with love, a lasting impression.


Artistic expression, whatever the form,
Is a universal gift. It is ready to use.
Communicating, negotiating, peacefully painting
A safe world, a sanctuary. Wise up and enjoy.



Photograph:’Puzzling’, courtesy of John Hritz




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