Thoughts from an Orange Cat

I sit here and muse, with limited views,
I reflect on a world that is mad.
Take my own circumstance, as I lie in near trance,
I have nothing to do but be sad.

So much more favoured, with rules duly wavered
is the black family cat; so unfair!
She purrs, and looks pretty but I think it a pity
she provides no support a la derriere.

I am good at my job, even better than a dog
as I sit still and my coat is so soft;
But for reasons untold, on the day I was sold,
my new owner just left me aloft;

I sit on a machine, and she keeps me quite clean,
and I see and hear everything all day.
They to me don’t allude; nor try to include
me, oh my! I feel so in the way!

I am meant to perform, so to rules I conform,
my shape, size and filling correct.
My function is clear, unappreciated I fear,
for they sit and my presence reject.

I did hear my owner (you must think me a moaner)
tell friends of her joy when she found me.
But I don’t comprehend…is it some sort of trend
not to sit on me, or even pretend?

I am handsome I know, as my coat seems to glow,
but I wish I was useful as well.
To my surprise and dismay, I am just on display
I think I may have to rebel!

If they’d rather not sit on me, I’d appreciate a knee
so that I can feel the pleasures of touch.
But it seems I am doomed, up here, I’m marooned
I’m sure as time passes, I’ll not mind




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