Courtly Love



In days of old,
Or so I ‘m told,
They practiced Courtly Love.
The lords were bold,
The ladies cold,
(Their virtue to uphold.)


Two pairs of eyes
Could not disguise
The look of Courtly Love,
The Lord, he flies,
He must devise,
A plan she won’t despise.



From far he sees
and seeks to please,
First step of Courtly Love,
Despite his pleas,
From him, she flees,
(T’was etiquette to tease).



On bended knee
Renews his plea,
Such is his Courtly Love,
In town and lea,
Where she is free,
She stings him like a bee.


But he persists,
His assets, lists,
The point of Courtly Love,
Should she resist,
He does insist,
He’ll have to slit his wrist.



His ardour glows,
Much like a rose,
The effect of Courtly Love,
He doth propose,
To fight her foes,
(his love for her he shows)



She thaws at last,
Her fears are cast,
Aside, for Courtly Love,
And in contrast,
To recent past,
Their love, (or Lust) is vast.



But they are doomed,
For its assumed,
Always in Courtly Love,
By lies, presume
The danger loomed,
Their love could not resume.



And so today,
Remember pray,
Forget the Courtly Love,
Please don’t delay,
Make your love stay.
Buy her a rose bouquet,



Give her some chocks,
Admire her locks,
(A bit like Courtly Love),
When true love knocks,
When your world rocks,
List not to he who mocks!






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