Ecstasy or Torture?


belgium-chocolates-by-david-wilmot.jpg chocolate-demise-by-foeopoooey.jpg


It’s soft and sticky,
Sweet and bitter,
Usually wrapped in papers that glitter.


Full of sugar,
Lots of milk.
It’s texture reminscent of satin and silk.


Milk or plain,
Used for cooking
The calories grow, just with looking.


Organic or trade
It tastes good as a drink
At least that’s what most of the populace think.



Boxed as a present,
Given with flowers
It’s famous for it’s aphrodisiac powers.


At Christmas a santa
At Easter a rabbit
It’s so difficult to drop the chocolate habit.


Use it in cakes
Or add to deserts
It’s great mixed up with creamy squirts.


Enough of this torture
Hold on a few seconds…
Look I’ve got to go, ‘cos the chocolate beckons!




chocolate-elvis-by-dan4th.jpg hot-chocolate-by-leonard-low.jpg

Photographs : Top Left :Belgium Chocolates #2  by David Wilmot

Top Right: Marcel Desaulniers’ “Chocolate Demise”, by foéÖþoooey

Top (bottom): Chocobots! by Emily W. Jones

Centre: Chocolate Valentine’s Sculpture by Emily W. Jones

Bottom left:  Chocolate Elvis by Dan4th Nicholas

Bottom Right: Hot Chocolate by Leonard Low

Bottom Centre: Chocolate log Christmas by trix_burrell


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