The heavenly canopy, a polka-dot sky as far as the eye can see. Silvery flakes fluttering in a still, moonlit landscape. Fine filigree forms, intricate crystalline patterns swirling and wafting in aimless descent. Dainty and exquisite shapes, clustering and dispersing in a randomness willed by gentle breezes, sometimes rising, ultimately falling. An endless expanse of wisp-like feathery snowflakes, whirling flecks of ice, weaving a frozen tapestry of delicate designs. A myriad of sparkling and frosted gems, ethereal floating spirits in a timeless world. Each particle an individual and unique design, reflecting the awesome immensity of the natural world. Snow, mystical, bewitching, and enchanting.


Photograph: ‘Lamp post and snow-flakes’, courtesy of Halley


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