Thoughts of an Orange Cat 2


I am an orange cat.
Yes, a glowing orange cat;
made from fabrics soft and gentle to the touch.
My body is very flat,
Nowhere will you find fat
And no, I am in no way Dutch!

If I’m bored, I have a game
although a little tame.
It’s sewn upon my face, now there’s a novel thing!
My eyes resemble crosses,
for a game of noughts and crosses
and my nose a simple circle; clever sewing!


Although I’m marmalade
I might be tempted to persuade
folk passing that I’m Tabby, with some stripes.
But the stripes are sort of grey,
the wrong colour, you might say,
maybe the seamstress mixed up all the feline types!


It’s strange that such a cat
should be in this habitat
I thought most cats liked the wild, perhaps I’m wrong.
But then again I am aware
that cats seek comfort if they dare
not braving the raw elements for very long.


So I really do consider that
I am a very privileged cat
to be granted my home inside. Lucky Me!
Should I worry other cats are fatter?
Does my strange colouring really matter?
Why no! I’m the happiest Marmalade cat you’ll see.



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