Life is Like an Ice-cream Cone


The heat was overpowering,
so she found an empty bench.
And sipped her tepid water,
her thirst she tried to quench.


She watched the people passing,
Each busy in his world,
And then she saw the little child
and the drama then unfurled.


The child had an ice-cream,
A ninety- nine she thought.
But it was melting quickly
and the drips remained uncaught.


She watched the child struggle,
he lacked the speed to lick,
and she recognised his sadness
as his prize began to slip.


New life, all virgin fresh and sweet,
With promise of joys to come,
A world so full of goodness and
Unlimited love and fun.


But life, much like the iced cone
based on premise weak,
Delivers only what it must,
and havoc tries to wreak.


The child licks for all he’s worth,
the sun is overhead.
The drips run in a trickle
and the chocolate turns to spread.


The woman recognised his pain,
The child was distressed,
Like life, she thought, you cannot do
much, other than protest.


As time begins to accelerate
And flies with maniacal wings,
Aspirations wain and fade,
and life is full of stings.


But man, he is tenacious .
with hope he always clings,
to friendship, love and faith, of course.
Most precious of all things.


And then, when things are going well,
the stormy weather tamed,
life has a way of twisting things,
her fickle power reclaimed.


Least when you sense it, awkwardly timed,
she deals her deadly cards,
exploding certainties and hope,
to nothing more than shards.


She heard the child when he cried
And turned to find out why.
His cone had slipped his sticky clutch,
His world was now awry.


The woman felt his loss, but knew
that this was just the start,
First life gives, but then reneges,
destroys and rips apart…


…the things that mean so much to man,
The things that give him heart.
She turned to go, and looking back,
as if in any doubt
she made a vow, to spend the time
to get her life on track


So life is like a melting cone,
time is but a cheat
So make the most of what you have,
Don’t let your life delete,
the great things you’ve achieved.
Do everything you can to say,
‘my happiness is complete’



 Photographs courtesy of:-

Top: ‘Ice-cream – Chocolate on black’; Chris Metcalf 

Bottom:  ‘I scream, you Scream, we all scream for Ice Cream’; Thunderchild5

Thanks guys!


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