Black Dog


12 November 2007


I feel your presence.

Dark and ominous, a suffocating shadow.

You are near me, advancing, slowly stalking me,
enveloping me in mists of confusion.

I see you; now I don’t.

You taunt and terrify me,

promising a tide of black unrelenting waves.

Then subsiding, a different tactic.

Quietly invasive; Your paws are velvet, soft, seductive,

but your claws are splayed.

They almost reach me, but not yet.

Black dog.




I know you!

We are well acquainted

Perhaps you think I am unaware

Of your ever present need to prowl.

Your desire to control me,

And reduce me to a shadow of myself.

But I recognise you, whatever guise

You chose to use as camouflage.

You cannot hide your darkness.

Silent, innocuous, a nebulous black vortex.

You are always there.

Black Dog.


Sylvia saw you too.

She saw your fangs

And the unremitting intent within your eyes.

She felt the smothering; the stifling

all-consuming lust

of a demon, doomed to haunt

the shadows of her mind.

You took her; released her from a world

that turned the other way;

a world that didn’t comprehend

Until it was too late.

Black Dog.


Why? Retribution?

Do we owe you something?

Or are you and I trapped in a passage,

Winding through corridors of time,

Searching for a door that doesn’t exist?

Do you never weary; searching for an escape?

Waiting, feeding on lost emotions,

Inducing others, but always disguised.

Are you never sated?

As you slaver over one victory

Are you already anticipating the next?

Black dog.



You are not welcome.

I will not walk with you

Or succumb to your insidious tricks.

You may haunt me, pursue me,

And you may even lame me,

But you will never break me.

My soul is my own,

and I will not trade it with you.

Your blanket will not suffocate me

Nor your shadow obscure me.

You may hound me, exhausting me,

But I have free will.

Black dog.


So whilst I feel your breath upon my spirit

And feel the heaviness of your advance,

I will not submit to your vulpine will.

You can bite and claw,

Wheedle and cajole,

But you will always lose.

You are a destructive phantom of my mind.

No matter how real, or how persistent,

I am the one in control.

I am me.

You will be banished!

Black dog!














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2 Responses to “Black Dog”

  1. 1 poppy
    November 16, 2007 at 3:06 am

    Very good, Susie. Very, very good. It rings so true.

  2. 2 kimmikat
    November 16, 2007 at 11:40 am

    Thank you. I was having a really bad morning when I wrote this, despairing and tearful. After I started writing I became angry, and almost despising. I felt much better after I’d vented my spleen.I’m aware though that it is different for everyone…very subjective.
    I’m glad you could relate to it (though obviously I’d rather in reality, that you didn’t have the experience to!). Thanks for you comments. Much appreciated.:)

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