Redefining Heroes


In myths and legends old and new,

Our valiant heroes and heroines pursue

and cleanse all evil across the globe,

replacing and building a saintlier robe.


They never rest and they are never still.

All jobs can wait; passions they kill.

The world awaits with cowardly breath.

Liberation or a gruesome death?


Heroes or heroines, no matter the gender

Each one is the earth’s supreme defender.

Always ready, superfit and well

Migrainous heroes wouldn’t sell!



Ever heard a quiet, murmured excuse?

Thought not! It would be a noose;

Hanging a tale before the right end.

Not a clever commercial trend.


In the interest of fantasy, a means of escape;

Encouraging roles for society to ape,

 heroes are perfect, mind, body and soul;

Antithesis of real folk in their everyday role.


For millions of heroes exist in our midst

Plagued by migraine, unfairly kissed

by it’s ruthless and arbitrary cruel censorship

Each trying to loosen it’s restrictive grip.


They are unsung heroes, who do as they must.

When Migraine visits they have to adjust

When light is too light and noise is too loud

These heroes are enveloped in an evil black cloud.


No matter, it’s school, or there’s work to be done

It’s your birthday today. Aren’t you supposed to have fun?

No matter that dinner must be ready by seven.

The boss and his wife expect gourmet heaven.


The dog is sick and your son thinks he’s dying.

The phone won’t stop ringing; baby is crying.

You feel faint and unsteady; your head will explode.

But you know it’s more likely your world will implode.


Unrecognised champions, who work on and resist

the urge to give up, though the migraines persist.

Despite all the thumping, piercing and throbs

the migraine sufferer must get through their jobs.


Heroes for working; for coping with pain.

Heroes for persisting and trying to explain

to the rest of the world, how it changes your life;

How bad it can feel being stabbed by a knife.


In Fantasyland super-heroes are cool,

 In the real world life is restrictive and cruel,

if you cannot shake off, extinguish this curse,

that turns ordinary, everyday life in reverse.



© 2007 DF










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