Times Move On.


A saucy tale; a story of grief.
Revenge, or love, all others forsaking.
Great granddad swam the barrier reef;
Aunt Jill was talented at lace-making.

Pearls of wisdom, but time’s a thief.
Checking the facts is painstaking.
Human life is often brief,
filled with pain, often heart-breaking.

Traditions die and customs wane
if no-one bothers to document
the details; set out to retain
the facts on how lives past were spent.

Some folk have been meticulous,
recording every event and fact.
Monks and scientists, most obvious,
and Pepys tried hard to be exact.

With technology more advanced today,
it’s so easy to record and read
what others are doing far away
in lands with different culture and creed.

To learn of events across the world
as they happen, beamed by satellite.
The horrors and the joys unfurled.
It’s difficult to avoid becoming trite.

Families with a genealogical bent,
can search the world for relatives lost,
or record the most important event
without worry or unnecessary cost.


Photograph: Tree of life: KimmiKat


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