Double Vision.

This poem is about narcolepsy and the fact that sometimes I can dream whilst still seemingly awake! 

I explore new worlds;
I read and create;
Key-tapping unfurls
ideas innate.

I am engrossed;
And totally absorbed;
When a fleeting ghost,
colourfully daubed,
floats across my vision.
And then many more!
A bright myriad collision
of shapes, dancing before
my eyes without permission.
And still they come…
Not one an image of my volition,
and yet powerless, I succumb.

Hold on! My eyes protest;
and coming to, I realise
my dreaming state I must arrest.
Gently return uncomfortable eyes
to a position where they can focus
once again on my concern-
the computer screen –  my current locus;
or perhaps I should adjourn?
But I need to continue
my exploration, and so
I begin my study anew;
hoping the visions will go;

But within half a minute,
Another sprite has appeared.
A curse I emit…
It is just as I feared.
This dreaming is weird
as I am still wide awake
(or at least it appeared)
’til my eyes start to ache.
However, I know
It’s a well known paradox
acknowledged long ago.
My sanity it mocks!

It is part of my narcolepsy,
So I am used to intrusion;
But it could cause apoplexy
or mental delusion,
to those who have never
been asleep whilst awake.
No matter the endeavour
or the precautions you take,
it will arrive when it wants;
Chaos to administer.
Your sentience haunts.
It’s filtering, sinister.

For sometimes it’s difficult
to tell reality from dream.
Confusions result;
And things aren’t what they seem.
However, with time
it becomes less difficult
to control this raw pantomime;
the daily assault.
But it can help with the process
Of fresh creativity
Helping express
One’s positive activity.

I doze a short while,
Giving in to the dreams,
And then start again.
I stick to regimes.

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