Salim, The Witch’s Cat.

My name is Salim, I’m the witch’s cat.
I’m black and I wear a pointed hat.
I have a smart collar with a tinkling bell,
And my tail’s very clever, it can cast a spell.

My witch is clever, but she’s always in trouble,
I’m ready to rescue her on the double,
She tries very hard, but her spells don’t work,
causing other witches to giggle and smirk.

They should be glad they are not my poor witch,
She’s only one leg, and that’s got a twitch,
When she rides on the broom it leans to one side,
which is not the best thing for a comfortable ride.

I have to sit awkwardly, just to the left,
And steady the broom, my paws are quite deft
 If I lean out too far, the broom turns over
And boy it’s embarrassing when you land in the clover.

My witch is called Aggie, and she’s very old,
Four hundred years is the age I’ve been told.
She has lost nearly all of her horrible teeth,
and her gums lie all blackened and shrivelled beneath.

Her hair is long, unkempt and shaggy,
She’s never used a brush, my mistress Aggie,
And her cloak is so dirty and smelly, oh my,
it offends even me, brings a tear to my eye.

But I love my witch Aggie, she’s very good to me
I have a warm bed and fresh fish for my tea.
I have milk in a saucer and the odd mouse or two, 
Which is probably much more than you ever do!

I think all her spells are beginning to wear
very thin, for Aggie is in deep despair.
She has cried and sniveled and pulled at her hair,
It’s because she’s so old, but it’s not very fair.

She needs someone to train, to take over her work,
But it’s difficult to think of one single perk.
The broomstick is long past it’s  use-by date,
And whether spells work, is all down to fate.

My mistress Aggie has a niece who is ten
And I can’t wait till she’s twenty and then
She can takeover from Aggie, and all will be right,
And Aggie can sleep again, peacefully each night.

Her niece is Miranda, and she’s clever and sly,
She’ll learn very quickly how to navigate the sky.
I have no doubt that with a fresh wand and broom
Miranda will dispel all the doom and the gloom.

My poor mistress Aggie is too old to keep going,
The stress and the and despair are now clearly showing
I think it is time she was allowed to retire,
her strength and her pride, you just have to admire.

I wish that Miranda was twenty tomorrow,
Ten years is too long to watch Aggie in sorrow.
She is old and so frail, and I wish I was stronger,
to help her keep going just a little bit longer.

But I am just Salim, Witch Aggie’s black cat.
Although I have magic, in my tail and my hat,
it isn’t enough to help out my best friend,
On whom all these years I have learned to depend.

So, children, please listen, I need your help now,
If you all send good wishes, you’ll be sending some power
to my poor mistress Aggie, so that she can keep going
While the years trickle by and Miranda keeps growing.

 When Miranda has grown, and she has reached twenty
 Aggy can retire, assured there’ll be plenty
 of time to enjoy  all the pleasures of life,
 without all the trouble, the toil and the strife.
 So please send your wishes, (and maybe some fishes),
 Address them to me, and when my tail swishes,
 it will turn all your goodness into energy for Aggie,
 so keep the wishes coming,  keep my tail waggy!
 Thank you for listening while I told my sad tale,
 you can send all your wishes by letter or email
 I know mistress Aggie will be so grateful and pleased,
 and this poor old cat’s worries will be significantly eased!
Bye Bye little children, from Salim the cat,
I’m now going hunting to look for a rat,
So that mistress can make up a tasty rat stew,
I’m sorry there will only be enough for two!

Copyright © DF 2007

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