November Gem



November hangs, listless, limp.

Near but not quite the end of the year.

This no-mans month, a bridge of sighs

is in limbo, moribund, not quite here.


How magical then, to find a rose.

No longer virginal, yet blushing still.

Rain damaged petals streaked and holed,

with rusting spots, edging  a frill.


She  radiates her considerable charm

in an otherwise bleak environment.

Like a distant star, attention seeking,

blinking reflection in the firmament


Despite these ravages of time and season,

this rose with grace clings on and shines

like a beacon, against the dismal umber

of sad November, as the year declines.


Pale pink petals graduate to white;

fragile wisps, like flakes of snow.

Paler than her summer glory,

this rose possesses a special glow.


With her head held high as if communing

with an unseen God, she presents herself.

Her unique beauty enhanced by it’s rarity,

enriching a scene devoid of wealth.


Soon she will succumb to the winter’s cold:

the dampness of rain and the crispness of frost

But that  glimpse of beauty, so self-assured,

will sustain till the spring. It cannot be lost.






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2 Responses to “November Gem”

  1. November 22, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    Wow! I loved this one, Suzie – well done! I spotted a few roses on my way home from work today and was amazed they were still around in this horrid November weather!

  2. 2 kimmikat
    November 23, 2007 at 2:21 am

    Glad you enjoyed it Kell. The rose kept moving and catching my eye as I sat here writing. Eventually I felt compelled to go and look at it properly and it struck me that the bloom was paler than the blooms that the same plant produced earlier in the year.Almost like a premonition of winter, so I had to write about it. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s much appreciated.

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