The Rainbow Bridge

As I began my final walk,
grey skies were laden with rain.
Mizzled, soft precipitation,
seeping into my brain.

The air was chill, not frosty yet
but a penetrating cold.
A week or two, a month perhaps
And winter would take hold

My steps were slow, so very slow.
Like the proverbial push through sand.
Legs so heavy, tired and lazy.
Invisibly attached to the land.

My pain was intense; my mind confused;
feverish, almost burning.
Smoking what little life was left.
I could never think of returning.

My breathing slowed, so shallow now;
life slowly ebbing away.
No sounds of birds, to speed my path;
my fears to help allay.

But I was wrong. For suddenly
A golden orb appeared,
Looked down, took pity on my plight;
My discomfort disappeared.

My legs felt light, no longer lead.
My steps were quickened with a spring.
My heart was gladdened , the pain had gone.
I no longer feared what life would bring.

I looked up and saw a perfect sky
With floss-like clouds and carefree birds.
In the distance a sparkling coloured arch
Somehow beckoned without words.

It shimmered, glistening in the light,
And seemed to be moving nearer
A bridge between worlds to ease the pain;
My destiny was now much clearer.



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