Aberdeen City is full to the brim,

Of cats who are fat and those who are slim.

But whatever the shape, bearing or size,

There’s only one cat who can light up my eyes!


As a kitten his fur was jet black and white,

clean as fresh snow and black as the night.

His eyes shone bright yellow, with thin rings of green,

He was the most beautiful cat that I’d ever seen.


As he grew it was apparent, his looks were not all

that made him so charming, in one quite so small.

He was loving and gentle, and liked other cats

Rarely partaking in quarrels and spats.


We had many other cats sharing our life,

So disagreements and arguments were quite often rife,

But this cat was passive, caring and kind,

A more tolerant cat would be difficult to find.


He welcomed each new cat by sniffing their nose,

And kept all the others very much on their toes,

He was soon at the top of the feline household

Quite an achievement for one not that old.


If one of the others stepped out of place,

He gave them a gentle cuff, denoting disgrace

They soon learnt the best way was to award him respect,

He wasn’t unfair, but he did keep them checked.


A year or two passed and we notice a change,

Our cat’s fur changed colour, we thought that was strange.

So a visit to the vets loomed despite his disgust,

We need to sort this, and the vet we could trust.


Our poor cat was turning from black to a brown,

The vet took a look and he started to frown.

But then he stood back and he looked for a while,

And his countenance slowly transformed to a smile.


Your cat is not poorly, he’s fit and he’s well,

You’ve been very worried, I know, I can tell.

But puss here is happy, I’m sure you’ll agree,

Even more now he knows that he’s part pedigree.


Part pedigree? What on earth do you mean?

I mean that he carries a Burmese cat’s gene.

Are you telling us Puss here is partly Burmese?

Thank goodness it’s not some horrific disease!


Oh no, said the vet. I can allay all your fears.

Do you see the dark shading on the tips of his ears?

And the dark round his face, and round his four paws?

These markings are points, caused by genetics, not flaws.


Puss is a Burmese, mixed with a domestic type cat.

It isn’t unheard of, He gave puss a pat.

Delightful wee cats, they’re a wonderful breed.

Go to the library and find what you need…


…to understand Burmese cats, and how to succeed

in making him happy, for though he’s crossbreed,

He’ll still have the odd personal character trait…

…the things Burmese like and the things that they hate.


Well, what a surprise.We would never have guessed,

that Puss was part aristocrat, it was hard to digest.

But he is our moggy, and we love him so much,

Who cares if he’s the result of a commoner touch.


So Puss has been worshipped and honoured big time,

He is now ten years old, at the peak of his prime.

Whether he’s purebred or moggy, he’s special to us,

And he will always have much love and plenty of fuss.



2 Responses to “BearCat”

  1. March 20, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Just read this. Do you publish your work? I loved reading it.

  2. 2 kimmikat
    March 20, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Hello Paula! Nice surprise 🙂
    This is the only place, apart from forums that my work is published. I am about to have three poems published though, one of which has been previously published in a booklet, so I’m working on it. Glad you enjoyed BearCat. The puss in question is lying next to me as I speak!

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