Waste Not, Want Not

Waste not, want not.
my parents were wont to say.
Less now, more tomorrow;
food on the plate everyday.

Fifty years later, their words long forgotten,
we buy in excess,  much more than we  need.
Fridges and freezers should help conserve stocks,
but they unwittingly sanction our greed.

Two generations, little memory, little care
of a bygone age, it’s messages replete
with innate anger, guilt and caution,
but they’ve long lost the receipt.

The world of my parents  – two centuries ago
for all of the relevance it holds to the young,
is gone, or is it? Will there be a time in the future
when the songs of the past are resung?

Will there be a new era, bought on by necessity?
A dwindling of resources, a reluctance to reduce
our share of the earth’s treasures; or find
alternative methods of manufacturing produce.

The wise words of the past, take on a new meaning
with an urgency, seemingly unheeded.
If nobody listens, the planet’s platter will be empty
and such maxims, will no longer be needed.

 © DF 2008


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