Safe Echoes

Memories, dreams of images past.
Etched on my mind and scattered
like red poppies in the corn.
Each flower a gem,transitory, musings, random,
proclaiming the truth in a child’s eyes.
Unblemished chronicle, sweet, unspoiled;
Recalled at will.
A haven.

Musings, random, involuntarily sparked
by the rekindling of
transitory sensations caught in
a wisp of air;
or light reflected, stirring patterns unseen
since childhood. Shimmering,
teasing ghosts from the cobwebs of time.
Another world.

Moments, precious time encapsulated
and locked away; hidden
until the mysteries of my mind
unravel a pathway
leading me, begging me enter
through fragmented windows.
I glimpse a young me, in a pristine world.
Safe harbour.

Marauders, uninvited, try to corrupt,
sabotage and shatter my serenity.
A child’s vision is precious,
untainted, pure and honest.
My adult mind, divested of it’s sweet naivety
is prey to reassessment.
Widen parameters, reframe the picture.
Real world.

Mangled perceptions, raped and confused,
conspire to disappoint me;
leave me anguished and hurt.
I retreat to my haven,
ship waiting in harbour, and sail away
with the breeze of quiet longing.
An escape from reality, childlike and fleeting.
But so precious!



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